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12000mL Dry steam distillation equipment

12 Liter Distillation System

The 12 Liter Distillation System (STL12) contains all the components of the 5L system but is over twice as large.  This system is recommended for distillation of any aromatic botanical with low essential oil content.

This package includes:

  • 2000 mL steam generator flask
  • 12000 mL mother distillation flask with side entry steam port
  • 250 cm condenser
  • 1000 mL receiver flask
  • Wire gauze
  • Boiling stones
  • Cooling water hose w/ quick connects
  • Water hose adapter
  • Steam hose
  • Instruction manual

Our unique design features easy assembly so you can begin distilling immediately.  All flasks are hand blown, heavy-duty, low expansion borosilicate glass. Flask types (shapes) may change from those shown in picture. 

WANT TO CHANGE TO A DIFFERENT SYSTEM?   The 12L system is completely interchangeable with the 5L and 20L systems.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

12 L Distillation System
Item Number STL12   -   $759.00

(electric hot plate sold separately)

Hot Plate
Item Number ACC30  -  $25.00

For international orders, please send us an email!

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Add either or both of the packages below to complete your distillation system!

1 Liter Separatory Funnel and Stand

The perfect companion for your distillation system.  Use this 1000 mL separatory funnel with stand to separate your essential oils from the hydrosol.

1 L Separatory Funnel and Stand
Item Number SFS1  -  $165.00


Accessory Package - 400 mL

Included in this package are assorted vials with poly screw top closures, 16 pipettes in long and short-nosed glass and polyethylene, a 400 mL beaker, glass stirring rod, and two 8-ounce atomizer poly bottles.  This is everything you need for the storage of essential oils and floral waters. (Quantities may differ slightly according to stock on hand but the value of the kit will not be compromised.)

Accessories Package - 400 mL
Item Number ACC400  -  $59.00

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